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Learn the basics of AM radio and Nikola Tesla’s wireless transmission system in this 2 hour 45 minute video and 303 page ebook package by Eric Dollard. Develop your own Tesla Resonant Transformer and receive electrical energy from an AM radio transmitter of your choice through the earth!

Eric walks us through the basic working principles of AM radio transmission, explains how it relates to Tesla’s wireless transmission, and covers technical requirements such as the grounding, which is essential for receiving a signal through the earth. He also demonstrates the coil calculation and design process through developing two example coils.

The download package includes a 303 page ebook consisting of posts, tips, experimental results and more from Eric and other members on Energetic Forum compiled for your convenience. Click here to visit the official Eric Dollard forum.

If you want to learn about Nikola Tesla’s wireless transmission then this is the place to start!

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